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at the newport folk festival. elyse luray and wes cowan are two of the host sleuths on pbs' primetime program "history detectives," and their investigation into the dylan guitar airs on the season premiere tonight. i had a chance to talk to elyse luray about it yesterday. but first, here's an excerpt from the program. >> for more than 40 years this guitar has been in my family. my dad was a private pilot for bob dylan. the guitar was left on one of his planes and he took it home. after he died, i watched a documentary about bob dylan and it shows footage of the first time that he played an electric guitar live. it was exactly like the guitar that my dad had left in our family's attic. i want to know if this is the guitar that bob dylan played when he plugged in at the newport folk festival in 1965. >> the story of dylan being booed for using an electric guard is a legendary moment in music's history but the guitar's whereabouts has long remained a history. >> rochester new york. he's authenticated guitars for the rock and roll hall of fame. >> here's the date. >> the 2nd of may, 64. so it's a
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)